Technical mix-ups and tech successes!

Unfortunate first post on here, but I am getting quite a few messages from people through other channels letting me know they have never heard from me after filling out the contact form through my website. That’s not good! I’ll address the problem from the technological side — but if you have contacted me and not heard back, please please please try again. Yes, I am busy – but I do get back to people regarding my schedule additions, and at the least, to help find someone that can help you even if I cannot. Current ways to get in touch with me:


Text: Easiest and quickest for me to return, especially for a question that is time-sensitive.

Phone: Leave a message and I’ll return your call when I’m (hopefully) not surrounded by barking dogs.

Loupine LLC – Facebook Page

Posts/Events: You may comment on posts and I keep the current class schedule up-to-date here.

Facebook Messenger: Another way to text message and you can see that the message has been delivered and read.

Email: This will be my direct email. Often helpful for initial lengthy description of behavior and situations. You can attach photos and video as well!

I will be updating plugins and hopefully back here again with a new and useful contact form.

While we are discussing tech, a positive note! Please check out my monthly podcast available here: Scroll to find past months of Loupine LLC.

This is a call-in ask-questions-type show with WTCM hosts Christal Frost and Vic McCarty. We are on air live once a month, but the shows are also recorded and can be listed to on podcast with the above link.