Loupine LLC offers a variety of services to improve the well-being of both you and your canine companions in your lives together. Please contact us to indroduce yourself and your dog(s), and we’ll find the most appropriate place for you to begin working together.

  • Group Obedience Classes — Four Levels, Puppy – Advanced
  • Drop-in Classes — options focused on the Canine Good Citizen test, preperation classes for Therapy Dog testing and evaluation, and group pack walks for dogs working on reactivity and social skills in a changing and real-life environment.
  • In-Home Behavioral Consultations for house manners, anxiety and agresssion.
  • Socialization Day Trips – for young puppies and older dogs developing and refining dog-dog and dog-environment social skills and training.
  • Puppy and Teenage Drop-in Playgroups
  • Weekly Dog Walks.